Welcome to The Movement

Our mission is to mobilize and empower believers to be agents of positive change in their communities by uniting in prayer and compassion. This movement exists to ignite a deep dedication to intercession, nurturing a shared determination to create meaningful, long-lasting changes in our homes, communities, and nations.

 We aim to create a world where love, compassion, and justice prevail while simultaneously providing practical support. Through the distribution of care packages and toiletries, we strive to meet the immediate needs of those in our city, demonstrating the love of God through both word and deed. Together, through prayer and acts of kindness, we will be the mission for our city, creating a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

How to Get involved today?

To get involved, head over to a public spot, think of it like the "I was here" graffiti scene. Grab a marker, say a prayer, and write down "prayer was here." Share your moment with us on social media by tagging us with #prayerwashere. Let's do this!

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Special thanks to our Partners.

These partners and their team donated goods or raise $100 or more to support the movement.

The Godfident Woman

Redeemed By the Blood International

Space City Monuments

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